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Leadership Coaching

Brian and his experienced team work with individuals, teams and organisations to improve their leadership culture. By paying attention to key elements and making adjustments where it counts, overall wellbeing and productivity can be greatly improved.

Life Coaching

Personal success comes as a result of setting realistic goals and putting in place a workable plan to see objectives achieved and dreams become a reality.

We are able to help our clients clarify purpose, discover the pathway, identify obstacles and take the necessary steps to achieve what we set out to do.

Relationship Coaching

Ultimately, life is all about relationships. While we are working hard to provide for those we love the most, our most important relationships can come under strain. We are able to support you to add strength and quality to what is most important in your life, adding more meaning to our own achievement and success.

Business and Career Coaching

Our team are able to work with yours, or you personally to create and apply the necessary leadership dynamics for success in your business or organisation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a professional  relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations, helping them to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. (The Institute for Life Coach Training)

Clients seeking life coaches include those that want to reset towards a better future, wanting to improve their career prospects, or those who wish to design their life for better results and personal fulfilment. It may include those who feel there is more to life, those who want to improve relationships or those who want to rebuild after a breakup or relationship failure. They are often wanting to set significant goals for the future and are looking for guidance, a workable plan and accountability.

Those who are looking for coaches come from an increasing diversity of backgrounds and professions including: Executives, CEO’s, Managers, Leaders of Organizations, Parents, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners/Operators. Really the list of people engaging with coaches now is endless.

In a nutshell.. the answer is “no.” Therapy infers that something is broken and needs fixing and although that is sometimes the case, coaching aims to move clients forward towards the achievement of their goals and objectives. That being the case coaching is very helpful to assist clients in resetting their future after a relationship or business failure.

Coaching is future focused, involves working with the client to set achievable goals, is normally conducted in a positive light, creates an accountability structure for the client to grow in, involves the coach asking the right questions to identify gaps and to help move the client from where they are to where they want to be in the future

One excellent way is to choose a mentor coach who has been there before you. There are also a number of training organizations that provide recognition and certification.

A consultant is one who gives expert or specialist advice on a particular subject. At Brian Heath Coaching, we do have specialists on our team that consult in key areas around Leadership, Business and Organizational Development.  A coach on the other hand is more like a trusted friend or an advisor who can guide you through a process to establish and achieve your goals. 

I work with those wishing to be coached one on one or in small groups. I work with leaders, managers, business people, those wanting to set goals  those seeking to improve their relationships. 

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