Brian is a successful community leader with broad working experience and achievement in sales and management and also in the finance industry/banking sector.

He also works as a pastor and uses a coaching and personal development model for his leadership group. He has a strong leadership team around him and has successfully coached and mentored others to achieve and be influential in their field.

Brian thrives on helping those that he can partner with to discover their potential, overcome their present challenges and limitations, setting their course to a better future.

He works with his own team of specialists to help other leaders, managers and individuals to establish a winning culture and develop strategies for success in their business, organisation or personal life.

You can find out more about Brian at www.brianheathcoaching.com

OFFER: To arrange a free complimentary coaching session with Brian please contact him by email with the reference “Refocusing Leadership” at brian@brianheathcoaching.com

5 Steps to Transformation

STEP 1 – REFOCUSING YOUR VISION We can get so busy achieving our goals that we lose sight of what really is important. The most effective leaders take time out regularly to refocus and clarify their vision. 

STEP 2 – REALITY CHECK: WHERE AM I NOW? Before we can set our course to our desired destiny, we need to take stock of where we are really at today. Change is only possible when we have a reality check, which empowers us to take the first steps forward.

STEP 3 – IDENTIFY AND DEVELOP KEY COMPETENCIES A Growth Mindset is necessary for continual forward movement. I don’t have to have all the answers or skills today, but by being teachable and willing to keep learning, I can become excellent at what I am good at and better at what I am not good at.

STEP 4 – COMMIT TO THE PROCESS Are great leaders born that way? Well that may be said of many, but for most it is our response to life and opportunities along the way that makes the difference. It takes Process to create leaders, and it takes a choice to engage in that Process.

STEP 5 – REGULAR REVIEW AND ADJUST YOUR COURSE It is important to check your Progress along the way. At the end of each week, month or year, take the time to see how far you have progressed. We should celebrate our wins and review our losses, and if necessary, adjust our sails as we move forward

The Game Changer - Effective Coaching

THE 5 STEPS TO TRANSFORMATION sound simple enough don’t they? The reality is that we can understand and agree with them wholeheartedly, but never consistently or accurately apply them fully in our own life. Dreams and goals can remain unachieved and destiny seems to be unfulfilled.

Elite athletes, sportspeople and winning teams all enhance their possibilities by engaging great coaches. 

THE VALUE OF A GOOD COACH should never be underestimated. At the top level it is most often the difference between winning and losing, so when it comes to choosing a Coach, we should choose well. 

EFFECTIVE COACHES are able to partner with us for better results. They are able to look at our performance from the outside and see what we don’t see, helping us make the adjustments for far better results.

COACHES should have broad experience, wisdom and insight. They are able to encourage, create accountability and help their clients stay on track.

Effective Coaches create accountability, help clients think outside the box, and face challenging decisions. 

Just remember that the difference between winning and losing is often the difference that a Good Coach makes (Brian Heath)